New publication from LIFE: Protecting Europe’s Nature

This 66-page publication is based on the proceedings of the LIFE Nature thematic conference, “Protecting Europe’s Nature: Learning from LIFE”, which took place in November 2008, in Brussels.

Organised by the European Commission’s LIFE Unit, the conference covered a wide range of nature conservation issues during its three day programme. Delegates from all over Europe attended the event, which focused in particular on tools and techniques for implementing the EU Birds and Habitats directives and the Natura 2000 network.

A series of workshops allowed participants to discuss ‘best practice’ approaches to practical and policy based actions targeting forest, marine, river and grassland habitats, as well as focusing on climate change and invasive alien species. Other sessions examined LIFE experience in areas such as international cooperation on biodiversity protection and work addressing challenges linked to ensuring a favourable conservation status for Europe’s species. This publication introduces these topics, identifies the key issues at European level and presents LIFE case studies and best practices from the conference conclusions.

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