EU funding : The 37 partner countries participating in the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Night – May 22


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 Support to projects bringing people and organizations from both shores of the Mediterranean closer to each other and to help bridging the gap between them

Groups and individuals in 37 countries (EU member states and Mediterranean Partner Countries), will unite in a unique, common event for the promotion of dialogue and coexistence on Thursday May 22nd

The Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Night is developed by the Anna Lindh Foundation, its Network and partners including Ministries of Culture, the European Commission and COPPEM network of regional and local authorities. The event will take place exactly one week before the first Euro-Mediterranean Ministers of Culture meeting, to be held in Greece, where its results will be presented.

Activities planned include public debates, music concerts, theatre performances with local artists and food festivals where different communities come together. The main objective is to offer the public a cultural and pleasant experience to understand their neighbour better and develop a sense of curiosity towards the other.

Dialogue Night is one of the key events organized in the framework of the ‘1001 Actions’ campaign initiated by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation and its network of over one thousand civil society organizations. The campaign aims at the mobilization of people and actions dedicated to the promotion of mutual knowledge and respect in the region, and runs throughout 2008, which has been designated Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

The Anna Lindh Foundation, for the dialogue between cultures, is resourced by and reporting to the governments of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and acting as a network of civil society organizations working for dialogue in the region.

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