Are the European cities playing a role in policy development neighborhood?

In order to share the benefits of the enlargent with the neighbouring countries a conference will take place in Tsibilli.

The conference will take place alongside the next meeting of the EUROCITIES Working Group (WG) ENP & Enlargement.
Conference participants will discuss:
- Priority areas of cooperation from the Eastern city perspective
- Experiences and the added-value of working with EUROCITIES’ Forums and WGs
- Concrete partnership opportunities between ENP and EU cities, as well as within the different Forums and WGs of EUROCITIES.

This meeting is timely as it takes place when the EU is sending a clear message of support to Eastern neighbours with the formal adoption of the Eastern Partnership in early May. This partnership is an ambitious initiative aimed at deepening political and economic relations, increasing energy security and mobility, and giving an additional boost to pro-democratic and market-oriented reforms in Eastern partner countries.

Accommodation costs are covered by the organisers.

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