ENPI: Cooperation between EU and Israel

The European Commission and Israel are to sign a Financing Agreement for the implementation of the 2008 Annual Action Programme for Israel under the European Neighbourhood Policy.

The objective of the Annual Action Programme is to develop an increasingly close relationship between the EU and Israel, aiming at achieving a significant level of economic integration and deepening political co-operation. The financial contribution of the European Union will be limited to €2 million per year.

The 2008 Annual Action Programme for Israel – part of the ongoing cooperation between Israel and the EU in the context of the European Neighbourhood Policy – will promote legislative approximation and strengthen the dialogue between the EU and Israeli public administrations in the areas of equal employment opportunities and veterinary services. This will be carried out by means of “twinning” projects in which European experts will be working in Israel for extended periods of time within the respective Israeli institutions.

A press release from the EU Delegation in Israel said the Agreement would be signed at the Israeli foreign ministry on 22 June.

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