Eu funding: Slovenian Presidency achieves decision on EIT headquarters: Budapest selected

Although it has been clear all along that achieving a final decision on the location of the headquarters of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) would be a neither easy nor quick task, the Slovenian Presidency has demonstrated fine diplomatic skills and has managed to bring the divergent positions of the Member States to a consensus.

The EU Member State ministers today agreed in Brussels that the most appropriate candidate is Hungary.

Today’s intergovernmental conference was convened by the Slovenian Presidency after the competent ministers decided on 29 May this year, following lengthy talks, that the final decision of the Member States would be based on the 2003 agreement between EU leaders, giving priority for the selection to the then accession countries. Since the ministers agreed with the Presidency proposal that, for the siting of headquarters of new agencies in the Member States, the principle of proportional distribution should be respected, it was Hungary that received the greatest support. Poland already hosts the Frontex Agency and Slovakia submitted a joint candidature with Austria. In addition to Hungary, Austria and Slovakia - with the joint candidature of Vienna and Bratislava, the Polish city of Wroclaw, the German city of Jena and the Spanish Sant Cugat des Vallés had entered bids for the EIT headquarters.

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