EU funding: Energy dialogue regarding high oil prices

Minister of the Economy Andrej Vizjak today co-chaired the fifth meeting of the EU-OPEC Energy Dialogue in Brussels.

The main theme of the ministerial meeting was high oil prices. The ministers of the EU Member States and OPEC Member Countries exchanged positions and information.

Energy policy and climate change are major priorities among EU policies, as demonstrated in particular during recent years. “We are aware that these two areas must be at the top of the list of discussed topics,” noted Minister Vizjak in his address. He pointed out that the aim of a low-carbon future is clear and binding. The EU Member States and OPEC Member Countries share a common interest in encouraging energy efficiency and alternative energy sources, increasing the transparency of oil markets, encouraging competitiveness in energy markets and enhancing dialogue between oil-producing countries.

High oil prices were an important topic at the meeting, and Minister Vizjak expressed his concern on behalf of the Council of the European Union as well. He explained that there is a correlation between the current high oil prices and the motivation of the EU to reach its ambitious goals concerning renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Mr Vizjak added: “This correlation is even more alarming because its consequences are felt by our companies and our citizens. It would be reasonable to increase productivity and thus help reduce prices to a more acceptable level.”

The ministers also discussed the establishment of an OPEC-EU energy and technological centre, which was welcomed both by the Presidency and the Member States.

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