EU funding: Cleaner, greener cities debated Tuesday night


More European cities in the future should think hard about introducing measures such as “green zones” in their city centers, argues Austrian centre right MEP Reinhard Rack (EPP-ED) in a report to be debated Tuesday evening.

The report calls for greater use of public transport across Europe in an effort to reduce the number of private cars on the road. The hope is that this could protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions from cars.
The report argues that cities and their surroundings face similar problems and challenges regarding pollution, congestion, and noise and road safety. The result is that is getting more difficult to move around towns and cities according to the report.

Negative effect on quality of life noted

It says that in addition to being a major contributor to climate change, pollution and other environmental problems, traffic can also have negative effects on the quality of people’s lives. Given this the report calls for towns and cities across Europe to choose from a wide range of flexible instruments, combining “hard” and “soft” law measures

The report goes on to say that cities should be free to adopt their own mobility policies while public transport must be made more efficient, attractive and accessible. Attention must be paid to the particular needs of employees, people with reduced mobility, children and the elderly

Currently cities such as London, Rome, Milan, Valetta and Stockholm already introduced measures such as green zones, road pricing and congestion charging.

The Rack report responds to a Commission Green Paper entitled “Towards a new culture of urban mobility” and a White Paper on a European transport policy for 2010.

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