EU Funding: Euromed Youth Programme organised “Inter-religious Dialogue” training seminar in Jordan


 European funds

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 Grants for stimulating the integration of young people in social and working life in order to guarantee the democratic process of civil societies in Mediterranean partner countries

Twenty-four youth workers and youth leaders representing 14 countries (7 MEDA and 7 European) met in the natural reserve of Ajloun, Jordan, from 22 to 30 June 2008.

They will discuss the interactions between religious, spiritual and humanistic traditions, as well as the need to promote understanding and mutual respect of other people’s beliefs.

These issues are particularly important in the Euro-Mediterranean context where conflicts are increasingly associated with religious allegiance, the Euromed Youth III Programme says.

Euromed Youth III is an EU-funded Regional Programme aimed at fostering mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue among young people within the Euro-Mediterranean area. It also seeks to promote active citizenship and a sense of solidarity, enhance the contribution of youth organizations to civil society and democracy and contribute to the development of youth policies.

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