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The CARDS Project ‘Labour Market Reform and Workforce Development’, an EU-funded project managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction and implemented by WYG International (United Kingdom), in cooperation with the Municipal Authorities of Berane, organised a National Conference on Life-Long Entrepreneurship Learning (LLEL)

This has been the first ever National Conference on Life-Long Entrepreneurship Learning in Montenegro – ‘From Idea to Action’ and took place in Berane on 20 June 2008. The Conference was held in the facilities of the local Gymnasium ‘Panto Malisic’ to promote the results of the pilot ‘National Best Practice Initiative’, which was a package of LLEL measures put in practice by the CARDS Project with the institutions in Berane. The achievements in the municipality of Berane should become a good example for replication throughout Montenegro.

The mayor of Berane who opened the conference emphasized that the municipality had recognised how important it is to invest in human resources and workforce development in these dynamic times of globalisation. He also stressed that entrepreneurship learning is essential for local social and economic development. The Deputy Minister of Education and Science underlined that entrepreneurship learning is one of the eighth key competences for life-long learning and that with the activities in Berane Montenegro is going well in the direction of achieving EU standards in the field of entrepreneurship learning.

The activities in Berane form part of a broader €1,5 million EU project designed to address the need for labour market reform and workforce development. The project activities were started in November 2006 and the project’s completion date is set for 20 September 2008. On 12 September a Final Conference will be held.

With assistance from the EU funded project, several activities related to the introduction of life- long entrepreneurship learning have been conducted over the past year in this municipality, following the latest achievements and recommendations of the European Union in this domain. These activities were supported by all relevant local partners – the municipality, educational institutions and institutions for training and employment, companies and institutions for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises

Promoting entrepreneurship learning at the national level contributes to better understanding of its role and significance for the future of young people. It is also of great significance for the quality of learning during the regular school period and afterwards, for adult learning. From this year on, the National Conference on Life – Long Entrepreneurship Learning will be held in Montenegro on a regular basis. The main aim of the Conference is the promotion of entrepreneurship learning, presenting achievements and offering a forum for exchanging opinions on priorities and opportunities for further policy and practice development, all in the framework of the strategy for LLEL and the action plan that the CARDS Project Team assisted to prepare and that are currently under the governmental adoption procedure.

CARDS Project ‘Labour Market Reform and Workforce Development’

Montenegro signed a financing agreement with the European Commission in 2006 for a programme worth €18.5 million. The agreement has enabled the implementation of the EU’s annual Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation (CARDS) programme – a financial assistance package to help Montenegro improve its governance and institutions, and accelerate economic and social reforms.

EU funds have enhanced the capacity of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in labour market policy formulation and clarified institutional links between the Ministry and the Montenegro Employment Agency. More specifically, support has been provided to:

- Both bodies for development and modernisation of policy and executive responsibilities, reinforcing social dialogue capacity and social partnership in the area of labour market reform and workforce development
- Develop a National Action Plan for Employment, including an implementation plan, operational arrangements and funding implications for an ‘employment fund’ to support active employment measures (training, counselling, self-employment support) for specific target groups that include those made redundant as a consequence of privatisation and plant closures, women, youth, long-term unemployed and minorities
- Develop labour market and employment statistics, information systems, analysis, research capacity, monitoring and reporting systems
- Facilitate a dialogue on life-long learning strategies in Montenegro by establishing a national partnership for innovation in the learning system to meet the needs of the next generation and beyond.

European Agency for Reconstruction

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