EU Funding: 5 million euro repair of major regional road in eastern Serbia completed

A red ribbon was cut across the M25 regional road near the eastern Serbian town of Zajecar on 10 July, marking the completion of a €5 million EU-funded project to repair and rehabilitate key sections of this important transport route

The project was carried out as a follow-up to the municipal support programme which the European Agency for Reconstruction managed for this part of Serbia - a region relatively under-developed but with high potential for economic growth.

The ribbon was snipped by Daniel Giuglaris, head of the European Agency’s Belgrade office, and Zoran Drobnjak, director of “Roads of Serbia”, the government agency which had been the EAR’s partner in the project.

The M-25, or route E-752 on the European road map, is a key regional traffic artery running south for over 200 km from the town of Kladovo on the river Danube to the southern city of Nis. Many parts of it were badly in need of repair. Nine segments, totalling 30.24 km, have therefore been renewed and upgraded.

In addition, “Roads of Serbia” had spent an additional €5 million repairing and upgrading a further 54 km of feeder roads. Works started in August 2007 and were carried out by a local company from Zajecar.

Speaking at the ceremony, Daniel Giuglaris pointed out that the Agency had been active in eastern Serbia for five years

European Agency fir Reconstruction

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