EU Funding: What is the EU Sustainable Hunting Initiative?

The Commission has recognised the need to start a new dialogue with a view to developing co-operation between governmental and non-governmental organisations concerned with the conservation and wise and sustainable use of our wild birds.

A ‘Sustainable Hunting Initiative’ was launched by the Commission in 2001 aiming at improved understanding of the legal and technical aspects of the Directive’s provisions on hunting as well as developing a programme of scientific, conservation and awareness raising measures to promote sustainable hunting under the directive.

In order to develop such a dialogue a series of ten measures was suggested for consideration. These have broadly the main aims to improve the legal and technical interpretation of the directive’s provisions relating to hunting, to develop a programme of scientific, conservation and training/awareness measures, and to draw a charter on Sustainable Hunting within the framework of the Birds Directive.

Further details of the ten proposed measures are available on this link:

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