EU and International response to help Pakistan

Les graves inondations de mousson qui ont touché le Pakistan a tué plus de 1.600 personnes, a touché près de 20 millions de personnes (12% de la population pakistanaise total) et a causé d’importants dommages aux terres agricoles et les infrastructures y compris les maisons.

In close cooperation with the EU Member States and the international community, the European Commission, through its offices for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO/MIC), is providing humanitarian relief and rescue expert support to assist the Pakistani authorities and the Pakistani population. The European Commission, through the Instrument for Stability (IfS), is also contributing to the early recovery and medium to longer term post disaster needs assessments that are underway under the lead of the United Nations and the World Bank/Asian Development Bank respectively, in cooperation with the government of Pakistan, to assess the extent of the damage and the required needs for early recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

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