Conference on territorial cohesion and the future of the cohesion policy

Held at the “Palais des Congès” in Paris from tomorrow, this conference aims at clarifying the concept of territorial cohesion and move forward the debate on the future of the cohesion policy

It is being organised in partnership with the Committee of the Regions and the Commission, with the support of the Association of Regions of France.

This conference, at which 1200 participants are expected, will allow for debate on the concept of territorial cohesion following the publication of the European Commission’s Green Paper, and on the future of the cohesion policy with the main partners. These include the regions, towns and their European networks (Eurocities, Association of European Regions, Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions), as well as the managing authorities of Structural Funds, regional economic development agencies, business representatives (Business Europe, SME, Eurochamber) and social partners (CES).

In addition to the plenary sessions where a number of political figures and experts will speak, four thematic workshops bringing together experts and locally elected officials will throw light on how territorial cohesion and sectoral policies intertwine: the Common Agricultural Policy particularly its rural development aspect, the sustainable development strategy in terms of the adaptation of territories to climate change, the post-2010 Lisbon process, governance and the integrated strategies for the development of territories.

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