The future of the Culture programme

The conference “Culture in Motion” and a consultation meeting with stakeholders are planned on 15 and 16 February in Brussels to discuss the future of the Culture programme. These events aim to assess the added value of transnational cultural cooperation projects supported by the EU. It will also take stock of what could not be reached in the field of culture without European funding.

A sample of projects funded by the Culture Programme 2007-2013, by the Pilot Project for Artist Mobility and by other EU programmes (like the Lifelong Learning Programme, Citizenship Programme, Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme and European Regional Development Programme) will help show concretely how funding is making a difference on a European level, as well as, underline the significant role of culture in enhancing smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and supporting other EU policies.

16 February in the afternoon, stakeholders are invited to discuss how a future Culture Programme could be further optimised to help the cultural sector to achieve the aims as set out in the EU-2020 strategy.

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