Meeting in Budapest: local partnerships and Regional Cohesion Policy in question

The meeting, entitled “Small towns of the European Union, territories of balances, territories of future”,is organised on 30 and 31 October in Budapest, Hungary.

Over the course of the two day session, discussions focus on strengthening local partnerships and the future of European regional and cohesion policies.

The Budapest meeting consists of two major round tables. The first one focuses on regional policy, highlighting the important public investment role of local authorities. Speakers include: Martin Malvi, President of the Midi-Pyrénées Regional council, and President of the French association of small towns (APVF), and Witold Krochmal, CoR member, President of the Polish Association of small towns, and Mayor of Wolow. The second round table, moderated by Sütő László, President of the Hungarian association of small towns, and Mayor of Marcali will focus on environmental policies for small towns. At the conclusion of discussions, the network will issue a joint declaration summarizing their positions.

The European Small Towns Network is an informal initiative that links together small towns from across Europe. The goal is to exchange information and best practices in order to provide a strong voice for small towns in the EU institutions.

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