A new look at the VET for Central Asian countries

In the actual context of education systems reforms in Central Asia Countries, the Vocational training and lifelong learning are being recognised as a key thing for the modernisation.

The increasing pressures of labour market needs call for a modernisation of the VET systems in the region as well as for an increased quality of training opportunities and consistency between the education offer and the needs of the world of work.

Vocational education and training has been marginalised for years in the debate over education reforms, but in recent times has been back on governments’ and donors’ reform agendas.

The ETF’s contribution to the topic goes in line with the fast changing needs of Central Asia’s labour markets, economic growth prospects and the need to provide opportunities to the population in both urban and rural areas. Vocational education and training has also been acknowledged as an important means for reducing poverty and boosting social inclusion.

At an ETF conference held on 27-29 October in Dushanbe, Tajikistan these issues were dealt with by representatives of policy makers and social partners (among which employers associations, trade unions, practitioners) from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. They exchanged information and experiences to identify common challenges and priorities and discussed how VET systems in their countries can better serve the rapidly changed needs of the labour markets. Once again, the importance of strengthening regional dialogue was highlighted. The contribution of international experts from Estonia, Russian Federation and Romania has illustrated examples of successful education reforms.

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