Life +: more than 4300 actions implemented during the European Week for Waste Reduction

The European Week for Waste Reduction is a 3 year project supported by the LIFE+ Programme of the European Commission until 2011. The 2010 EWWR confirms the success of this Week since more than 4300 awareness raising actions about waste prevention have been implemented across the EU.

A host of different EWWR activities were carried out, on 20-28 November 2010, in 23 EU countries – from simple emails listing waste prevention tips, to exhibitions, artwork and other competitions (see the list of actions on the EWWR website). The aim was to draw people’s attention (on the street, at school, work or in the supermarket etc), and make them think about waste prevention and alter their behaviour.

Commenting on the success of the initiative, project beneficiary, ADME (the French environment and energy management agency) said that this result confirmed the success of the European Week for Waste Reduction and demonstrated that the event is following the same path as other famous thematic ‘European Weeks’.

The most interesting actions (2010) will be selected for the EWWR Awards to be held in the evening of 28 March 2011.

Meanwhile, one of the more original actions to be organised this year was the Portuguese-led Europe-wide ‘BatucaMob’ percussion event – involving the coordination of groups of people in different countries coming together at the same time (at 11 am on Saturday, 20 November) to drum empty waste bins, trash cans and other containers.

Next year’s EWWR will be held on 19- 27 November 2011. A call for the appointment of the official oganisers will be launched at the beginning of 2011. For more information, see the website (link above) or contact the secretariat:

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