Winners of European Journalism Award in the field of health 2010 are announced

Paola Testori Coggi, Commissioner in charge of DG Health and Consumer, announced the winners of the second edition of the EU Health Prize for Journalists in Brussels, on November 30th.

Out of the 27 finalist articles from all EU countries, the first prize was awarded to the Italian nominees Gianluca Ferraris and Ilaria Molinari. Their article “Stealing hope” deals with obscure “Healing clinics” that promise unproven therapies for several diseases. Lucie Hášová Truhelková from the Czech Republic came in second place with her article “Love Dwells in the Kidney” on organ donation and transplantation. The third place was awarded to the Danish journalist team Kasper Krogh, Morten Crone, Line Holm Nielsen and Jesper Woldenhof for their article “The great failure” on patient safety.

The EU Health Prize for Journalists 2010, launched in March 2010, rewards high quality journalism on health issues and especially on topics related to the Europe for Patients campaign. This year, over 400 journalists from all 27 EU countries submitted almost 750 eligible articles. National juries selected the finalists and an EU jury chose the EU winner and the two runners-up.

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