The EESC wants to promote a permanent dialogue with the Latin American and Caribbean civil society organisations


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With the support of the European Commission and hosted by the General Secretariat of the Andean Community and the Regional Office of the International Labour Organisation, the European Economic and Social Committee is organising on 16, 17 and 18 April, its fifth EU/Latin American and Caribbean in Lima

The meeting will bring together delegates of civil society from across the Latin American and Caribbean countries, EESC Members, as well as representatives of European institutions, national ESCs from Latin America and the EU, regional consultative bodies and several international organisations. The total number of participants will be around 200.

Filip Hamro-Drotz, President of the EESC-Rex section; José Antonio García Belaúnde, Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs; José Múcio Monteiro, Minister and President of the Brazilian Council for Social and Economic Development; and Jorge Pizarro, Co-Chair of the EuroLat Joint Parliamentary Assembly, are among the key figures that will be taking part.

The purpose of this fifth meeting will be to:
- Promote dialogue between economic and social interest groups in Latin America and the Caribbean on one hand and the EU on the other;
- Help strengthen organisations representing economic and social interest groups at national and regional level, in particular Mercosur’s Economic and Social Consultative Forum, the Andean Community’s Labour and Business Advisory Councils and the Advisory Council of the Central American Integration System (CC-SICA);
- Put forward concrete proposals as regards social and environmental aspects in the current EU-Latin America & Caribbean agreement negotiations;
- Contribute to the conclusion of the Fifth Summit of EU-LAC Heads of State and Government to be held in Lima on 17 May 2008 and convey the view of civil society organisations on topics such as migration flows and climate change and energy resources. As in previous occasions, the Meeting will conclude with the adoption of a final declaration for the attention of the Summit.

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