Human rights - the Universal Children Day focus on the child labour

Joint Statement of Commissioners Ferrero-Waldner, Ashton, Michel and Špidla has emphasized the importance of the child labor and has tried to remind the employers responsability in the whole world.

Background on ongoing activities:

The Commission supports various actions worldwide to strengthen children’s rights and prevent child labour. Through the European Initiative on Democracy and Human Rights, the Commission has supported the implementation by NGOs of a series of projects in Brazil (‘Empowerment of the Waste Picker’s Associations and Protection of their Rights’ and ‘Stock Market-School Citizen - Income and Education to Prevent Child Labour Exploitation’), Cambodia (‘Utilising the Buddhist monks and school students to prevent sexual abuse and child labour’), Egypt (‘Campaign Against Child Labour in the Egyptian Agrarian Sector’) and Morocco (‘Awareness to Fight Against Child Labour’).

Moreover, the “Project for Eradicating the Worst Forms of Child Labour” – supported by the European Delegation in Turkey (the budget allocated was 5.3 million euros) – aimed at enhancing the capacity of the Child Labour Unit in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and providing approximately 3000 Turkish children and their families with education, rehabilitation and support services in seven different provinces.

Most recently, the European Commission, the ILO’s International Programme for the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) and Pakistan’s government signed an agreement to implement a project to combat child labour in Pakistan. The Commission’s contribution (€4.75 million) will help Pakistan’s government and IPEC to tackle child labour in the formal and informal economies, for example domestic work, car repair workshops or recycling of waste. The project, due run until 2013, aims to take children out of the worst forms of work immediately and rehabilitate them. It will also involve prevention work.

Finally, the European Commission also supports initiatives by the business community to promote decent work through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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