EU Transport Ministers adopt conclusions on the Single European Sky and grant a mandate to the Commission to open negotiations with Israel

EU transport ministers today adopted conclusions on the implementation of the Single European Sky regulations, based on the report of the Commission. This report and today’s conclusions provide a legal basis for the preparation of further legislation in this field.

The conclusions call upon Member States to actively participate in the implementation of the Single European Sky, but the importance of expanding the single European sky over EU borders is also stressed.

The European Union wishes to strengthen external relations with neighbouring countries in the field of aviation in order to achieve unification of conditions to perform air transport activities outside its borders.The aim of negotiations is to increase the number of flights between the EU and Israel and thereby increase trade and tourist flows. An important share of the benefits will be taken by the European airlines and also by the European economy as a whole. The obvious political and economic added value of the air transport agreement with Israel could – in the long term – encourage other countries in the region and help strengthen regional co-operation in the Middle East as well.


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