PRIME beach campaign on Posidonia management

Presentation of a project funded under the LIFE + programme for environment and biodiversity.

The PRIME project – ‘Posidonia Residues Integrated Management for Eco-sustainability’ (LIFE09 ENV/IT/000061) – which is aiming to develop the reuse of Neptune grass/Mediterranean tapeweed (Posidonia oceanica) residues, is organising a special summer beach campaign. It is holding awareness raising campaigns for the general public on beaches in the Region of Puglia. Visitors are invited to learn about the management of beached Neptune grass and gadgets related to the project are being handed out. For more information on the campaigns, visit the project website.

The removal of the Neptune grass, if not properly carried out, can have a negative environmental impact on coastal ecosystems as it creates a natural barrier to sand erosion. The PRIME project is developing an integrated management system that combines environmental protection with waste biomass management and the reuse of material for agriculture. The project will demonstrate the possibility of reducing the environmental impact of the removal of the beached residues while reducing disposal costs.

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