Mor than 7 million euro for the new ESPON call for proposals

The latest ESPON call for proposals has been published on August 24. An information session will be held on September 13.

ESPON (the European Observation Network on Territorial Development and Cohesion) has launched Calls for Proposals to further enlarge its Evidence Base on the development of the European territory. Research institutes, universities, scientists, experts and academics from 31 countries are invited to submit proposals. The new Calls are expected to generate four applied research projects, five targeted analyses, six projects within the ESPON scientific platform and proposals for transnational networking activities up until the end of 2014.

ESPON calls for researchers and experts to send submissions and to get involved in the production of ESPON data to support an evidence-based and result-oriented implementation of EU Cohesion Policy. The available budget amounts to €7.417.176,09. The deadline for submitting proposals is 20 October 2011.

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