The Accession Treaty Text of Croatia to the EU will be presented tomorrow

One more step in bringing closer the EU and Croatia will officially be made ​​this weekend. Indeed, the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk will present the draft of the Accession Treaty to Mrs Kosor, head of the Croatian government. Croatia should join the EU on 1 July 2013.

The English text of the document received the final endorsement of the EU Member States at a COREPER II meeting earlier this week after almost two years of editing work.

Croatia applied for membership of the European Union in 2003. Formal negotiations started in October 2005 and were finalised on 30 June 2011, the last day of the Hungarian Presidency.

The Accession Treaty will be signed in December 2011. Croatia is scheduled to become an EU member on 1 July 2013 after the treaty is ratified by all the Member States and Croatia itself.

Before flying to Zagreb Prime Minister Tusk will pay a one-day visit to Latvia. He will attend the 6th Riga Conference, considered the premier forum for debate on security and international relations in the Baltic Sea region.

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