October 6 will be a decisive date for the future of cohesion policy

The long-awaited proposals from the European Commission for regional policy after 2013 will be presented Oct. 6.

The news

The Commission will present its proposals for regulations which will provide the basis for cohesion policy 2014-2020. These regulations will lay down the principles and detailed operating rules of the Cohesion Fund, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF) and of European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation (EGTCs).

In the multiannual financial framework presented in June, the Commission proposed allocating € 376 billion to cohesion policy instruments (including the Connecting Europe Facility), representing more than a third of the European budget.

The background

These regulations will have to be adopted definitively by the end of 2012 (following approval by the Council and the European Parliament), to allow the new programming of cohesion policy to get under way.

The new approach proposed by the Commission is based on the following principles in particular:

- a more effective policy focusing resources on a certain number of priorities which will be geared more closely to Europe’s objectives of growth and employment;

- the introduction of conditions before European aid is granted and of incentive measures for those programmes which make the greatest contribution to the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy;

- more simplification, particularly by defining a core set of rules in common with the rural development policy and the common fisheries policy, which will help to reduce the administrative burden, especially on small firms.

The event

Press conference by Commissioners Hahn and Andor at 11:15 in the Berlaymont Press Room, Brussels

Technical briefing off the record at 12:30 in the Berlaymont press room, Brussels.


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