Mid-term Evaluation of the Polish Presidency

The Polish Secretary of State for European Affairs, Mikolaj Dowgielewicz summarized last Wednesday the first 3-month Polish presidency of the EU.

Dowgielewicz remarked that following the Eastern Partnership Summit and just ahead of the European Council, the Polish presidency is at the halfway point.

Dowgielewicz presented the achievements of the Polish Presidency to date. The explained that of key significance was the adoption of the “six-pack” which will become binding next year and will realistically create a new situation in the European Union. Member States will be obliged to have a more serious approach to debt criteria. Decisions pertaining to economic policy will be taken in a more transparent manner.

He also alluded the Eastern Partnership Summit which was according to him the Presidency’s most important political event. He said that the substance of its political declaration is a better offer for partner countries than what they could obtain from the European Union earlier, pointing to the commitment to abolish visa restrictions and the finalisation of negotiations on deep and comprehensive free trade agreement with Ukraine.

Among the other achievements of the Presidency mentioned were the negotiations on the multiannual financial framework for 2014-2020, the compromise achieved on the European Protection Order and the Krakow Declaration adopted at yesterday’s Single Market Forum.

Mikołaj Dowgielewicz emphasised that the Polish presidency has been achieving the basic goals it has set for itself — rebuilding confidence amongst institutions (…) and building collective leadership in the EU.

As regards the most important plans for the coming months of the Presidency, the Secretary of State for European Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed to the forthcoming European Council, the energy ministers’ agreements on external energy policy, continued hammering out of a mandate for the climate conference in Durban, the conference on a multiannual financial framework taking place in Brussels on 20th-21stOctober and the growth agenda.

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