The Cohesion Policy helps the European economy

The European Commission has adopted a Communication which dovetails with the European Economic Recovery Plan and shows how Cohesion Policy may help in rejuvenating the real economy in Europe.

It recommends a series of actions to the Member States so they may make the most expedient use of Cohesion Policy and all the advantages it has to offer. It also outlines new measures which mean implementation of the Operational Programmes can be accelerated. With its budget of €347 billion of European investments, available until 2013, the Policy will stimulate the economy in the short term while allowing the foundations for more long-term growth to be laid down.

One of the keys to re-launch lies in the fact that €230 billion are available for the four priority domains of the renewed Lisbon Strategy: jobs, businesses, infrastructure, energy, research and innovation. Cohesion Policy provides stable investments at local and regional levels, where the effects of the current crisis are most keenly felt.

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