The EU presents its enlargement strategy

Today, the European Commission presented its position on the enlargement strategy of the EU and the assessment of progress and efforts made by the candidate countries.

The Polish Presidency welcomed the Commission document. It highlights the importance of the enlargement policy both for the Union and the candidate countries and in this context dovetails with the Polish Presidency priority: Europe benefiting from openness.

At the same time, the Polish Presidency underlines that the very process of enlargement - including the accession negotiations - constitutes a very potent stimulus for change and reform in candidate and aspiring countries, ensuring that the countries in question attain European standards in all spheres within a specific timeframe. From this point of view, the process is of fundamental significance to the economic development and security of the European Union itself.

The EC document provides a sound basis for EU27 discussions on the enlargement conclusions to be adopted by the December General Affairs Council, and also on the potential decisions of the December European Council. The Polish Presidency will work in good faith and within the relevant presidency priorities to attain a reasonable consensus on this matter.

The Polish Presidency emphasises that the process of enlargement enhances reconciliation and good-neighbourly relations in the Western Balkans. Engagement in this process, also as concerns Serbia’s relations with Kosovo, is one of the preconditions of the further advancement of European integration.

The goals of the Polish Presidency still include the finalisation of Croatia’s Accession Treaty and its signing in Warsaw in December, continuation of the accession negotiations with Iceland and Turkey and robust support for the process of the European integration of the Western Balkan countries.

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