A brand new Communication on Corporate Social Responsibility

The Commission has published a news Communication on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based on the last one from 2006. It aims at creating a new platform CSR in the EU.

It aims to encourage companies to be involved even more in addressing employment and social issues within the Europe 2020 strategy, and is one means of securing an exit from the economic crisis.

The Commission firmly believes that if companies pay genuine attention to training, youth employment, dialogue with employee representatives, employee health and well-being, gender awareness, and diversity management they will be drivers of new commercial opportunities. This can only be good for reinforcement of the social market economy model, for the mitigation of recent job losses, and for the achievement of the 75% employment target.

With this new initiative, the Commission will continue to work closely with stakeholders, including companies, trade unions, and NGOs. It will pay particular attention to the international dimension of CSR, where attention to a living wage, good health and safety in the workplace, elimination of forced or child labour, freedom of association, and other decent work and human rights issues are key.

The Commission will also work on:

- Disclosure of non-financial information: improving transparency to highlight how companies’ focussing on social issues
- Rewarding and incentivising companies for responsible behaviour through public procurement and socially-responsible investing
- Encouraging CSR in education: motivating young people and extending responsibility values to the next generation of business managers.

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