CASAGRAS Project : “Internet of Things”

This project has been financed by the EU under the FP7 Programme and has a budget of 533 703 euro. It aims at providing a framework of foundation studies regardind the international questions concerning radio frequency identification (RFID), and aims at emerging an Internet of Things’.

CASAGRAS is making headlines across the scientific community and has already received praise from the EU. Its project partners include representatives from China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, the UK, and the USA. Now all radio frequency identification stakeholders are being asked to join in the discussion about the future of the Internet through its online forum.

The key topics being discussed by CASAGRAS include the concept of the ‘Internet of Things’, which refers to the wireless self-configuring network between objects. In the future, ‘things’ as boring as household appliances could be networked to the Internet. Hypothetically speaking, a fridge could be aware of what is stored inside and order another litre of milk when it runs out or even make people aware that it is close to its expiry date.

The applications are endless.

The project will take a holistic view and will consider the global challenges of the future as well as the opportunities.

Continual cooperation with other projects and with as many stakeholders as possible, is however central to the success of the project. This is why the creation of the online forum is so important. In conjunction with this, CASAGRAS will liaise with other associated EU-funded projects including GRIFS (Global RFID Interoperability Forum for Standards) and the coordinating initiative for RFID projects in Europe, CERP (Cluster for European RFID Projects).

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