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The past three days, a meeting of the working group associated with the EURES informal forum of EURES managers was held in Warsaw. Discover the content of this session.

During the meeting, Member States belonging to the EURES Network received information on the EURES guidelines on the development of the EURES network and work programme to be implemented by the European Commission and Member States. The meeting was a platform for exchanging experiences between countries, as well as an opportunity to obtain information and to talk directly with the European Commission.

During the meeting, new tools were presented for work carried out as part of the EURES network, as well as the initial results of the study commissioned by the European Commission: Assessment of indicator measurement systems used by Public Employment Services and relevant recommendations on indicators of geographical mobility in the labour market. The meeting also summed up actions taken within the EURES network. The meeting participants had an opportunity to find out about a pilot project of virtual workshops and training for EURES staff, prepared by the European Commission, as well as proposals to promote mobility within the EURES network.

In addition, a Ministry of Labour and Social Policy representative familiarised participants with details about how the EURES network works in Poland’s decentralised system of public employment services.

During the workshop, EURES managers attempted to develop a proposal for a EURES services directory, which will be incorporated into EURES service offerings in 2020. The EURES Working Group Meeting was also an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and share best practices in the field of cooperation within the EURES network.

The conference was attended by EURES Managers from the EU/EEA countries, social partners, representatives of the European Commission and representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

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