ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly

The next ACP-EU meeting held from November 19 to 23 in Togo, will deal with the Arab Spring and debt for development

Impact of debt on development financing in ACP countries

The economic crisis is hurting countries across the globe and one third of ACP countries are in debt distress or at a high risk of debt distress even though $72 billion in debt reduction was agreed by the international community at the end of last year.

Delegates will look at the ways of resolving the issue, including debt cancellation, debt rescheduling and debt repayment. However, MEPs are keen that money released by debt cancellation goes to social spending, including education and healthcare, that will help the whole population.

Integration of disabled people

Also under discussion will be the social and economic costs of disability. According to the International Labour Organisation disabilities cost 3-7% of GDP in African countries. The likelihood of disability rises with the incidence of poverty and disabled people suffer even more in developing countries, where they face unemployment and poverty, than in the EU.

Since the cost of including disabled people in the workforce is seen as much lower than the cost of exclusion, the focus will be on positive discrimination, challenging stereotypes and promoting inclusion.

The EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) brings together elected representatives of the European Union and ACP countries - the 78 states that signed the Cotonou Agreement in 2000 - the basis for ACP-EU development cooperation.

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