The European Parliament highlights the human rights

A meeting will be held Nov. 23 gathering the great defenders of human rights and the winners of the Sakharov Prize

This Human Rights Conference and Sakharov Prize Network event provides a timely occasion to discuss the powerful role of new technologies in the battle for human rights. Moreover, it also gives an ideal opportunity to look at human rights issues in countries in transition, especially in light of current international developments such as the Arab Spring.

Human rights issues are always at the top of the Parliament’s agenda. The conference wants people engaged in the struggle for human rights around the World to look at Brussels as not only as the European Union’s capital, but also as a human rights hub.The event will close with a public debate at the BOZAR Cultural Centre in the evening in Brussels.

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Sakahrov prize laureates present: Hauwa Ibrahim, Wei Jing Sheng, Salih Mahmoud Osman, Alecsandr Milinkievic, Reporters without Borders, Zhanna Litvina - Belarus Association of Journalists, Taslima Nasrin, Salima Ghezali, Leyla Zana, Ladies in White and Oslobodjenje.

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