The Council of the EU strengthens energy policy of the Union

The Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council adopted conclusions on strengthening the external dimension of the EU energy policy.

These conclusions aim at improving the coordination of the external dimension of the EU energy policy and EU cooperation with third countries, deepening energy partnerships and supporting developing economies.

While acknowledging that the respective competences of the EU and the member states have to be respected and that the negotiations on the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) must not be prejudiced, ministers stress that the EU external energy policy should contribute to ensuring a safe, secure, sustainable energy and be consistent with the EU 2050 energy and low carbon policy perspective. For this policy to be effective, a fully functioning, interconnected and integrated energy market is essential, and regulatory cooperation and convergence with our neighbours will have a key role to play.

The Commission is invited to present a report on the implementation of these conclusions at the latest in 2013.

Last February, the EU’s heads of state or government set out orientations on energy which were later developed by the TTE Council. In September, the Commission submitted a communication on security of supply and international cooperation; this communication provides the basis for the comprehensive conclusions adopted by the TTE Council.

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