The European Commission requires citizens to choose the best system of electric journey planning

As part of a competition, European citizens are asked to choose the electronic journey planner they prefer.

The idea behind the challenge was to raise awareness about and stimulate development of all-in-one journey planners, going beyond national borders and offering alternative transport modes. Now it is time for the public to have their say on the submitted planners.

The challenge for a truly European travel planner was open to everyone, companies and organisations or anyone with an interest in travelling. 28 examples of journey planners were submitted and 22 new innovative ideas. Unfortunately not all submitted planners – innovative and easy to use as they may be – could satisfy the strict cross-border and multimodal requirements.

Now it is time for the public to cast its vote, between 5 December 2011 and 13 January 2012, on the 12 short-listed planners. In parallel, an expert jury will meet to deliberate on the submitted ideas. The best entries in each category will be announced by Vice-President Kallas at an event in Brussels in February 2012. As a prize, the winners in each category will be invited to next year’s ITS World Congress in Vienna (22-26 October 2012) to present their ideas and solutions at the Commission’s stand.

The big challenges faced by the transport sector today, such as increasing congestion, fuel costs and climate change require that we look for and find smarter ways to travel. More multimodal travel – using different types of transport as part of one door-to-door journey – is part of the answer. It is not only better for the environment, but it is also likely to be easier on our wallets and offer personalised travel solutions. Although more than 100 journey planners already exist, there is not even one yet that would allow European citizens to find information or book a ticket for the entire journey within Europe regardless of the number of countries or transport modes involved.

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