2 years after, aid in Haiti continues

Two after the disaster, the European Union will launch a new aid package for the construction of houses destined for 60,000 homeless.

This new €23 million programme will be implemented together with local communities, the municipalities and the Haitian Ministry for Public Works. It is a part the part of the European Commission’s action to support the country to recover from the disaster which claimed the lives of more than 220,000 people and affected 3 million others. The two years that followed the earthquake were no less challenging – Haiti was affected by Hurricane Tomas and is suffering from the worst cholera epidemics of the past century. The years ahead will not be easy either, but the long-term goals of stability and development are still fully valid to address Haiti’s situation.

The European Union has been among the first, the most generous and the most efficient donors of aid and civil protection support to Haiti in the past two years. Its assistance aims both to bring immediate relief to Haitians and to ensure long-term recovery of their country. To date, Europeans’ solidarity has alleviated the suffering of 5 million people in Haiti, has prevented the crisis from deteriorating further and has limited the disaster’s twin side-effects: cholera and malnutrition.

At present, the European Commission focuses its support on building strong links between relief, rehabilitation and development, most notably by ensuring the functioning of the State, improving education, health services and civil security, rebuilding roads, shelters and other vital infrastructure, and stimulating the local economy.

During the last two years, the EU has been providing both humanitarian assistance and development aid to rebuild Haiti. The EU is the largest donor to the country: it pledged €1.2 billion to assist Haitian government in all areas over both the short and the long-term. The Commission alone pledged €522 million and has committed more than €358 million.

EU Member States have pledged a total of €201 million in emergency relief, while the European Commission has given €158.5 million in humanitarian aid throughout 2010 and 2011. In 2012 the Commission has set aside €15.25 million in humanitarian aid for Haiti.

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