Neighbourhood Policy: the European Union involved for the Infrastructures

Thanks to the “NIF Trust Fund Agreement”, the Member States can provide additional funds to the Neighbourhood Investment Facility. This will allow notably to influence the funding of the infrastructure projects forecasted in the neighbouring countries

In 2008, € 37 million of additional contributions have been pledged by 15 Member State and will complement the € 100 million already provided by the EC Budget.

The Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) priorities are to support very large investment projects for infrastructures in the ENPI region focusing on transport, energy, and environment but also social and private sectors. Therefore, the Facility contributes to address some of our common major challenges with our partners (e.g. renewable energy promotion).

The amounts at stake for large infrastructure projects are huge and considerable financial resources are required. Today’s signature of the NIF Trust Fund is a fundamental step to achieve a partnership bringing together grants from the European Commission and the EU Member States with loans from European public Finance Institutions as well as own contributions from the ENP partner countries.

The resources of the NIF Trust Fund will be used as of 2009 to finance projects together with the European Budget contribution. In 2008, 15 Member States already pledged € 37 million of additional contribution while the Commission took the commitment to contribute a total amount of € 700 million for the NIF for the period 2007-2013.

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