Consultation to prepare an EU Offshore Wind Energy Action Plan


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The European Commission launches a public consultation to prepare an EU Offshore Wind Energy Action

The European Commission is inviting investors, project developers, wind turbine manufacturers, energy companies, government services, environmental NGOs and all other interested stakeholders, including the general public, to help identify the key barriers for the further development of offshore wind energy in Europe and what might be done to overcome them.

On 23 January 2008 the Commission made a far-reaching package of energy and climate change related proposals including a draft directive to promote renewable energy and increase its share to 20% by 2020[1]. Offshore wind energy has the potential to make a significant contribution to reaching this target but exploiting this potential is associated with a number of specific challenges that might require further, more targeted actions.

The on-line consultation is aimed at providing the Commission with a clearer understanding of the specific key challenges for future large-scale development of offshore wind energy in Europe, as well as with ideas on how the EU could support the development of European offshore wind energy resources. The consultation will be open until 20 June 2008.

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