Balance of Moroccan entrepreneurship

On 3 march in Rabat representatives from enterprise-interest present to european experts the progress and constraints facing Morocco’s enterprise community

The international partners summed up the main conclusions of a national assessment of some 10 policy areas and where ETF’s Aziz Jaouani provided feedback particularly on those areas dealing with human capital. ‘The Moroccan counterparts were particularly keen to determine how entrepreneurship education could be improved’ says Mr. Jaouani who shared details of better practice from the Southern Mediterranean and Western Balkan regions where ETF has been active in promoting the concept of life-long entrepreneurship education. Closing his presentation, Mr. Jaouani invited Morocco to participate in a pilot project on entrepreneurial learning in higher education which engaged the immediate interest of Professor Barkaoui, President of the Casablanca-based, Hassan II University.

Overall, Morocco shows good progress on the range of areas covered by the Euro-Mediterranean Enterprise Charter with the international partners making specific recommendations for coordination of policies and programmes and a more developed evaluation framework.

To build on Morocco’s sustained commitment to the enterprise Charter, Ms Echihabi of ANPME invited the Charter stakeholders to appoint a deputy coordinator for each of the ten policy areas of the Charter including entrepreneurship education and enterprise skills. Further, ANPME intends to create a virtual platform to encourage exchange of information and networking specifically on the Charter policy areas. ‘The virtual platform is an excellent proposal’, say Aziz Jaouani, underlining the need to better communication of the Charter’s policy messages. ‘A virtual community is a good opportunity for both policy makers and practitioners to share good practice and develop further ideas’, says Jaouani.

The meeting was attended by the European Commission’s Delegation to Rabat. Mr. Deloge of Delegation confirmed further EU support for private sector development in Morocco in 2010.

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