The european cities greener

Large European cities are redoubling their ingenuity to become cleaner

New sustainably-focused initiatives proposed such as ‘green’ customer loyalty cards, a floating climate campus, and an ecological public transport fleet…
all these were presented at the EUROCITIES workshop on 12 February during the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2009.

• City Carbon Card: Belfast City Council for several years has explored options to use incentives aimed at influencing behavioural change to reflect the growing need to address human-induced climate change and poor resource management. The ‘City Carbon Card’ is one such tool being explored as part of these efforts.

• Rotterdam Climate Campus: Launched in October 2008 by Al Gore, the ‘Rotterdam Climate Campus’ is set to become a future breeding ground for water management and clean energy research and innovation by knowledge institutes and government authorities. The campus will be housed in a futuristic, floating building.

• Green Fleet and Foro Proclima: Madrid has targeted the corporate sector by means of a discussion forum, ‘Foro Proclima’, to tackle climate change at the local level. Forum participants aim to reduce the vehicle emissions of their fleets by reaching a goal of 6% of clean vehicles by 2011.

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