Internet Access & Assistance

The Eurofunding database users have access to the Eurofunding Database which contains more than 450 funding sources for your projects! Presented as handy forms, each gives you detailed and up-to-date information on all grants and funds managed by the European organisations (European Commission, Council of Europe, European Investment Bank…)

In the Eurofunding Database, you will find all the European funds available from the European Institutions. We give you instant answers relating to all your funding needs: grants, guarantees, Investment funds, venture capital, challenges and prizes… A user-friendly search engine will help choose which fund fits your needs better.

Each fund is analysed, and described in a synthesised and clear way in a programme form. The form gives you the most important information concerning the programme. You can very quickly appreciate the relevance of a programme for your personal needs. We give you clear answers to essential questions:

Can I benefit from this fund?
What projects can be financed?
Is my project eligible?
How can I get funding?
Who is in charge?
How to get more information?

Weekly watch on calls published

Our programme forms are complemented with up-to-date information on the latest calls for proposals. With our weekly watch, you will never miss an opportunity!

Premium Help Desk Centre

By subscribing to Premium Membership you get individual support by e-mail from our multinational support team who supply you with all the necessary answers covering all available programmes. You may ask questions at anytime on the dedicated box available on each funding card and funding alerts, and you will get an answer within 48 hours.

Member tools
  • Project Leaders’ Methodology
  • Here is a handy and effective methodology on how to meet the organisations’ expectations concerning the drafting of your projects, the programmes you choose, the criteria to be respected, the funding conditions.

    This user-friendly methodology is specially designed for project leaders and heads of missions.

  • The Portfolio tool
  • Today our Eurofunding Database contains more than 450 funds and continuing to grow. We have introduced a Portfolio tool to give you the option to store only the funds that interest you.

    Each Member can choose between 31 domains of activity to receive appropriate funding alerts. Your membership profile can be changed at any time.

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