About us

The Company:
Welcomeurope was founded by French and Dutch experts in 2000 who had as objective to initiate a closer cooperation between local actors and the European institutions.
The team consists of thirteen members located in Paris, France.

Its founders and associate directors today are:
- Nicolas Gerschel-in charge or Partnerships;
- Lorraine de Bouchony-in charge of Consultancy;
- Mireille Van der Graaf-in charge of Monitoring.

Welcomeurope covers 3 main subject areas to help you achieve success in gaining European funding:

Eu funding and Eu Affairs Assistance:
Assistance & Consultancy is provided for the formation of the idea for a project, application form procedures to respond to the calls for proposals by the Commission and follow-up of project management of post-evaluation by the Commission.
Furthermore, consultancy is provided for designing the eligible budgets and creating relevant lobbying techniques to promote the idea of the project within the EU institutions. and Consultancy;

Training Sessions:
Training sessions are catagorised as general training sessions, customised training sessions and the intervention of speakers at major European events. General training sessions are initiated by Welcomeurope to speak about financial projects, structural funds, lobbying techniques, etc. Customised training sessions are initiated by the clients concerning the topics of interest for them. Finally, Welcomeurope provides European forums, conferences and round-table discussions with the expertise of its knowledge in the form of speakers for such events on EU issues.;

Eu funding monitoring Information Service:
Monitoring is carried out on a regular basis and provides as an example, online alert systems for it clients concerning Directives, news and events, EU Procurement, budgetary lines, etc. Certain information is also published via its Eurofunding guides providing EU funding and EU affairs information publications. Other information remains online and available for the clients at all times.

Welcomeurope in numbers:
- Since 2000 it has trained over 2400 professionals;
- More than 200 training sessions tooks place;
- 3500 organisations are using our Eurofunding guides in more than 30 countries;
- There are 30 000 monthly users on the welcomeurope.com site;
Welcomeurope is carrying out more than 20 Eu projects per year for clients using our consulting services alone

Our Permanent Team

Nicolas Gerschel
Associate Director-Partnerships
Nicolas is a co-founder of Welcomeurope and graduated from Marketing and Finance following a Master’s Degree from the Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Over the past 15 years Nicolas has worked individually as well as with partners in utilising his business skills for: enterprise development, business restructuring, marketing and project management as well as business support. Nicolas now concentres on applying his wide range of skills and experience in order to develop and manage a Welcomeurope network and product development.

Lorraine de Bouchony
Associate Director-Consultancy
Member of Team-Europe, Lorraine is a co-founder of Welcomeurope where she developed the assistance and consulting side of the business. She heads strategy guidance missions for companies and public organisations and has developed a unique expertise in assisting professionals in positioning themselves within the institutional mechanisms. She has a diploma from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris followed by a Master in European Geopolitics.

Mireille Van der Graaf
Associate Director-Monitoring
Mireille is a co-founder of Welcomeurope and has been actively involved in the evaluation of European politics and programmes since 1993. She is the editorial manager of the Eurofunding tools and has a unique knowledge of all the programmes of the European Commission. She has a Master’s Degree in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam as well as another Master’s Degree from the Institut Européen des Hautes Etudes Internationales.

Valérie Buisine
Project Manager-Consultancy
Valérie joined the Welcomeurope team in 2001: she conceives and leads training sessions on European funding schemes. She also creates tailor-made modules for organisations in public, private and in non-for-profit sectors. She is presently in charge of the Consulting Department and assists public and private organisations in their building of European projects. Valerie has a Master’s Degree in European Culture and Economics.

Malgorzata Hiszka
Project Manager
After a Degree in european Law at sorbonne in Paris, Malgorzata focus her skills in the analysis of the implementation of structural funds in new Member States of the European Union and compiling reports on the possibilites of cooperation between the above mentioned ministry and the new Member States
She is now in charge of Public Procurement initiatives and specific traiing on EU affairs.

Camille Constans
Project Manager-Training
Camille joined the team in 2006. She is Project Manager at Welcomeurope’s Training Department, conceives and conducts training sessions on European funding schemes and conveys her own practical experience on ground. As Project Manager of different transnational and crossborder European projects, she has set up and managed several projects for public entities and enterprises from start to finish.

Gwenaëlle Radosevic
Head of the monitoring and analysis department - Training
Gwenaëlle joined Welcomeurope in 2006 as head of the monitoring and analysis department. Her activity is centred on the implementation of the new structural funds and state aids. She draws up studies and training sessions, for project leaders as well as managing and monitoring authorities such as the Diact or Cnasea. She has a Master degree in European law (Rennes 1) and a MBA (IAE Paris Panthéon Sorbonne).
Innovation, sustainable development and employment: she is involved, beside the consulting activities, in the follow up of funding opportunities. Gwenaëlle has drawn up methodologies and written guides on the structural funds in France for local authorities, civil society actors and companies, and is writing monthly political and juridical articles for European actors (CDC – Caisse des Dépôts, CNCE – Caisse nationale des Caisse d’Epargne, EDF, Territorial-Courrier des maires).

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