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EU Funding: EU film support programme’s first global steps trigger interest

Mercredi 27 août 2008

Cooperation with the European film industry is in strong demand around the globe


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 Support programme for the European audiovisual sector

The results of the first call for projects of a new EU initiative, the MEDIA International Preparatory Action, show a lot of interest from audiovisual professionals around the world in working with Europe’s film and audiovisual sector. The EU will provide nearly €2 million of funding for 18 projects involving partners from Canada, Latin America, India, China, South Korea, Japan, Morocco, Bosnia, Turkey and Georgia. The projects include joint training of film professionals, reciprocal promotion of films and cooperation between cinema networks. This could set the stage for a broader EU film cooperation programme called MEDIA MUNDUS, coming in 2011.

Of 33 applications received in the first MEDIA International call for projects, the European Commission has selected 18 proposals to receive funding for continuous training of audiovisual professionals, the promotion and distribution of cinematographic works and the development of cinema networks. 11 projects deal with continuous training through partnerships with Latin America, India, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia covering films, TV shows, animation, documentaries and videogames. For example, the Cartoon Connection project will organise a joint training on developing and financing international co-produced cartoons for professionals from the EU, Latin America and Canada. Primexchange is a workshop for authors and producers from India and Europe on financing and marketing audiovisual works, with special focus on digital technologies.

The six projects selected by the Commission for promotion of audiovisual works focus on boosting co-production, which can help companies access foreign funding and new markets. For example, the European Producers’ Club will organise co-production workshops in China and India and invite local producers to two major forums in Europe. The DOMLA project will organise a documentary month, releasing 12 European documentaries in Chile and vice versa distributing Latin-American documentaries in Europe. The Paris project is a co-production event for European, Japanese and South-Korean producers.

Finally, MEDIA International will support the first international network of cinemas, coordinated by Europa Cinemas, including 230 cinemas in Europe and 148 cinemas from the rest of the world (10 in Brazil, 7 in South Korea, 6 in Japan and Argentina).

The proposals accepted today are part of a Preparatory Action called MEDIA International, for which the European Parliament voted a budget of €2 million last December. It aims to explore ways of reinforcing cooperation between European and third country professionals from the audiovisual industry. MEDIA International will run for up to three years and is also designed to pave the way for a broader MEDIA MUNDUS programme.

In the context of a public online consultation on this future programme, a public hearing was held in Brussels on 25 June 2008. The French Presidency of the EU held the Cinema, Europe, World colloquium on 8 July to reinforce EU external audiovisual action. On the basis of these contributions, the Commission will decide before the end of 2008 on a proposal for a MEDIA MUNDUS programme.


The existing MEDIA 2007 programme will provide €755 million to Europe’s audiovisual industry from 2007-2013, helping professionals get training and develop, distribute and promote their works around Europe.

This May, four MEDIA-funded films won prestigious awards at the Cannes Film Festival, including the Palme d’Or (Entre Les Murs, France) and the Grand Prix du Jury (Gomorra, Italy). They were among 14 films screened at Cannes developed or distributed with the support of over €900 000 from MEDIA. MEDIA-supported films had already triumphed at the Academy Awards, with Oscars for The Counterfeiters (Die Fälscher/Austria-Germany) and La Vie en Rose (La Môme/France).

Press room - European Commission

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Eu funding : EIB, Commission sign MoU on coordination of external lending policy

Lundi 26 mai 2008

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and European Commission will today sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at furthering coordination of European Union external lending policies.

The objective of the MoU is to strengthen the consistency of EIB lending with the external policy objectives of the EU by reinforcing dialogue and planning between the two institutions, so as to optimise the use of grant and loan resources.

“This increased collaboration with the EIB will improve our ability to finance projects outside the EU in a range of areas from energy, environment and infrastructure as well as in the private sector to the benefit of the populations concerned. It will facilitate coordination, coherence and synergies between EU assistance instruments and EIB financing, thus increasing the efficiency and visibility of EU action towards third countries,” said Joaquín Almunia, European Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner.

EIB President Philippe Maystadt also said: “This is an important milestone in the relationship between the EIB and European Commission. We already cooperate closely on policy matters within the Union. This agreement cements our role as the privileged financial partner for EU external relations.”

The Commission and the EIB are privileged partners in providing financing in support of EU policy objectives. The EIB has been lending outside the EU since 1963 with the support of an EU guarantee, complementing the Commission’s political and financial initiatives for third countries.

The key objective of the new EIB external mandate is to enhance the contribution of EIB financing towards EU priorities, particularly by strengthening the policy dialogue between the Commission and the EIB and through strategic planning and coherence between the external financing activities of the EIB and the Commission.

In order to provide the necessary framework for such enhanced cooperation, the Commission and the EIB have decided to conclude, a first MoU on external lending to define practical terms for dialogue, consultation and cooperation between the two institutions.

The 2006 Council Decision on the EIB external mandate foresees at least €25.8 billion of loans being made available over the period 2007-2013, broken down by region as follows:

* Pre-accession countries, including Croatia and Turkey: €8.7 billion
* Mediterranean: €8.7 billion
* Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus, Russia: €3.7 billion
* Latin America: €2.8 billion
* Asia: €1 billion
* Republic of South Africa: €900 million

Loans totalling €1.9 billion were already signed under the new mandate in 2007.

The mandate currently covers 59 countries and/or territories. The European Commission recently proposed extending it to five central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. EIB activity in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries is covered by the separate Cotonou agreement.

Press Room - European Commission