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Sport - MEPs back a fair playing field

Jeudi 15 mai 2008

Tougher rules on doping and fairer distribution of TV rights are among the measures backed by MEPs in response to a White Paper on sport drafted by the European Commission

They don’t want quotas for foreign footballers playing in Europe’s domestic leagues, but they do want home grown local talent to be encouraged. The importance of local sports clubs, the economic impact of sport and the employment of an estimated 15 million people in that field are also recognised.
The report, drawn up by Greek MEP Manolis Mavrommatis of the centre-right EPP-ED bloc, notes that 60% of people in the European Union take part regularly in some form of sporting activity. Given this it says the health and educational aspects should be encouraged. The report also says sport should be supported in next year’s budget, especially as the new Lisbon Treaty specifically recognises its importance.

Free-to-air principle supported

TV rights are the biggest source of revenue for all professional sports and MEPs are keen to ensure that the money is not concentrated in the hands of a few. In particular they support the drawing up of a list of major sporting events that should always be on free to air television in the belief that people have a right to watch them. Also in terms of funding, MEPs want national lottery funds given to a variety of sports.

The report calls for the rules of international sporting bodies like the FIFA - the governing body of football - to be respected. This includes a ban on the transfer of players aged under 16 within the EU and the principle that players should sign their first professional contract with the club that has trained them.

Finally, the report says professional sport should never lead to a “muscle drain” from poorer countries to wealthier ones.

Press room - European Parliament