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EU Funding: First European summit devoted to the improvement of the Roma community’s situation

Mardi 16 septembre 2008

he European Commission on 16th September 2008 launched the first EU-level summit joint commitment to improve inclusion for millions of Roma across the Union

The event, taking place in Brussels, aims to promote a joint commitment by national, European and civil society representatives to tackle the widespread discrimination and exclusion faced by millions of Europeans of Roma origin.

The Summit will be the first time that EU institutions, national governments and civil society organisations representing the Roma community from around Europe come together at the highest level to discuss the situation of Roma in the EU and find ways to improve it. Discrimination on basis of race and ethnic origine is prohibited in the EU in all areas of life (directive 2000/43/EEC). Yet discrimination against Roma persist and 77% of Europeans think that being Roma is a disadvantage in Europe.

In the Social Agenda of 2 July 2008, the Commission set out a renewed commitment to non-discrimination in general and action to improve the situation of Roma in particular. The working paper that was presented looks into the instruments and policies available at EU level to promote Roma inclusion. It concluded that there is a powerful framework of legislative, financial and policy coordination tools available and that these are increasingly used, but that there is still an implementation gap in the Member States.

The Summit forms the next step in this process and aims to support and promote a joint commitment by the Member States, the EU institutions and civil society. The conclusions will feed into discussions by EU leaders at the December 2008 European Council.