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EU Funding: MEPs vote on Strategic Energy Technology Plan

Mardi 15 juillet 2008

 European funds

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 Grants in the framework programme for innovation activities (including eco-innovation) in enterprises, take-up of information technologies and better use of energy.
 New framework programme for research and technology aiming at better exploiting research capacities in Europe and transforming scientific results into new products, processes and services.

MEPs have adopted a new report which outlines recommendations on how the EU can strengthen the European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan and help the EU to meet its climate change targets

For Jerzy Buzek MEP, rapporteur and member of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and the Temporary Committee on Climate Change of the European Parliament, the report offers a realistic, sustainable solution to the challenge of climate change. He believes that it not only recognises the need to reduce carbon emissions but also recognises the need to maintain the EU’s competitiveness in global markets.

The report was passed by the European Parliament in a vote of 596 in favour, to 85 against, with just 14 abstentions.

The EU has set itself targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020, and by 2050 it hopes to reduce emissions by 60 to 80%.

The report aims to achieve this ambitious goal by setting out a plan on what the energy agenda for Europe should be. The agenda includes promoting research into new, clean energy technologies which the parliament views as crucial to successfully fighting climate change.

Such technologies also have the added benefit of not only helping Europe achieve its targets on greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency, but also in securing Europe’s energy supply in the future.

Biofuels, which have been under increasing scrutiny recently, are also mentioned in the report, which calls for increased research in this area. This research would determine once and for all the overall environmental impact of the production of those fuels.

Another example of the EU’s commitment to new technologies is the recommendation to support the creation of up to 12 proposed Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) demonstration projects. The report also notes that support for clean coal technologies, such as coal to gas conversion, ‘will make it easier and cheaper to deploy CCS with the possibility of making it mandatory in the future’.

Parliament however made it clear that the SET Plan should not be financed through the reallocation of funds made available for energy under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). Instead they stressed to the Commission that alternative funding be allocated for the support of new low carbon and zero carbon technology research and development, demonstration and commercialisation activities.


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