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EU Funding: EURAXESS: Putting researchers on the road to success

Lundi 30 juin 2008

 European funds

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 Grants and individual fellowships to allow researchers to enrich their career by mobility experience, abroad or in other sectors

The European Commission is making it easier than ever before for researchers to increase their employment opportunities and network with other researchers and organisations with the launch of the EURAXESS web portal

To stay ahead of the competition, the EU needs to further cement itself as a leader in scientific research. While opportunities exist in Europe for researchers, these often gets drowned out in the ‘noise’ of other events or lost in a plethora of web sites.

This sentiment was mirrored by the European Commissioner for Science and Research, Janez Potocnik who made the importance of EURAXESS quite clear.

EURAXESS provides a single access point to information and support services. This portal assists researchers and their families in moving to and pursuing careers in another Member State.

The EURAXESS web portal offers four initiatives focussing on jobs, services, rights and links.

EURAXESS Jobs takes over from the former European Researcher’s Mobility Portal, and operates as a recruitment tool which will be constantly updated with job vacancies for researchers throughout Europe.

EURAXESS Services, formerly the ERA-MORE Network, helps researchers and their family to organise their stay in a foreign country. EURAXESS Rights sets out the rights and duties of researchers and their employers; this is based on the European Charter and Code. Finally, the EURAXESS Links service, formerly ERA-Link, is a networking tool for European researchers working outside Europe.

Also at the launch was Philippe Busquin, Member of the European Parliament and former EU Research Commissioner. He joined Janez Potocnik and research partners from across Europe to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the European Researcher’s Mobility Portal which is embedded in the new EURAXESS Web Portal.


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