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EU Funding: The Third Edition of the Euro-Med Award is now launched

Vendredi 30 mai 2008

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Now Network Members Can nominate and Choose Who Wins the Euro-Med Award For Dialogue between Cultures

Now you can choose who will be the next winner of this year’s edition of the Euro-Med Award for the Dialogue between Cultures.

The Anna Lindh Foundation and Fondazione Mediterraneo have the pleasure to announce the launch of the Third Edition of the Euro-Med Award for the Dialogue between Cultures 2008. This year, the members have the chance to not only nominate the candidates, but also to select the winner of the Award through an online voting system.

The theme of the 2008 Award Edition is Dialogue Through Arts. The particular field of art chosen is visual arts, which includes the following disciplines: drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture. Why Art? Art can be used as a key tool for building bridges of dialogue. It is an invaluable means for exchange and positive contamination between cultures and nations. People’s creativity transcends in fact geographical and mental frontiers, offering new opportunities to overcome misunderstandings and interpret conflicts.

This Year Members Choose the Winner - How?:

This year, the Heads of National Network will choose the five finalists nominated for the award before 30 June 2008. Then, all National Network members will be invited to choose the winner among the five finalists through an online voting system. The election is expected to take place from 8 – 13 July. The candidate who gets the majority of votes within a National Network, s/he will be considered the candidate of this respective network. This is in order to ensure a balanced and fair electoral process, since the number of members vary from one network to the other.

So, make up your mind now and nominate an artist who has contributed to dialogue between cultures through his/her work of art.

The Deadline for nominations is June 10, 2008

Anna Linfh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation